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ICF Rotterdam-Noord is an intercultural church in the heart of Rotterdam. Every Sunday we come together to sing, pray, read from the Bible and share fellowship with one another. Our doors are open to all; whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever you believe. You are invited. 


Sunday services

Our Sunday services are a wonderful reflection of the diversity of our congregation and the city of Rotterdam. We sing songs from all around the world, invite speakers from an array of nationalities and spend time in prayer together. Each Sunday we meet at 1pm and everyone is welcome to join us.

Who is Jesus?

A simple question, but the answer can be complicated. Jesus is a great inspiration to many. His life was fascinating - His message radical. His birth 2,000 years ago changed the world forever and 2.3 billion people believe Jesus is still alive. He is a recurring theme throughout all of history and still turns lives upside down today. Do you want to know more about this intriguing person, feel free to visit ICF-Noord or ask your initial questions on this website.

Praying ICF Rotterdam Noord

"I pray that they may all be one, Father! So that the world may know that You sent me and loved them as you loved Me."

John 17:23


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Language Café 

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Alpha- Explore Christianity

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Missional Communities

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Prayer Ministry

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Worship Team

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Men's Ministry

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