Intercultural Awareness

Be a part of the change. Be one in diversity. Be one in Christ.

Culture is in many ways a social programming that is hidden in plain sight for everyone. What we think or feel is implicit if we are unaware of it. 

We are a very diverse community, and we reflect the richness of God's Kingdom in a unique way. We want to develop this richness and grow together.

Our vision is to create an ICF-Noord culture and values to pass on to the new members.

We come together to understand each other and be understood.

In a respectful and loving way, we embrace our differences, by intentionally reflecting on the ICF-Noord culture.

Once a month, we get together, eat together, get to know each other, and learn how we can communicate effectively. We reflect on why we do things the way we do and hear why others do things the way they do. 

If your community and/or your church would like to know more about this or have intercultural communication workshops you can meet us in ICF-Noord or send us an email to:

20230225 152253

20230225 123728

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