Missional Communities

What are Missional Communities?

ICF’s Missional Communities are our church’s way of making the person and love of Jesus tangible and real to one another and our city at large. 

We believe that Church is much more than a Sunday service (as edifying and uplifting as that might be). It’s our belief that the Church is a group of active followers of Jesus who embody His way of life through everyday experience. For this reason, we see it as highly important to deepen our shared intimacy with God, one another, and the city of Rotterdam. Missional Communities play an important role in fulfilling this desire. 

These Communities have a threefold purpose, moving the congregation to:


1. Get Together

Missional Communities prioritise regular gatherings outside our usual Sunday services. We encourage groups to share a meal with one another during this time, as some of our best fellowship happens around the table, and that Communion be taken during these meals to emphasise the presence of Jesus.

      2. Grow Together

      Much more than just a social club, Missional Communities seek to move people deeper into the way of Jesus by including an important element of spiritual formation. We want to take time to study practices from the life of Christ and help one another to live these practices out, with the goal of becoming more like Jesus in our personal lives and in our city.

      3. Go Together

      Just as Christ washed the feet of His disciples so should we by serving Rotterdam with the love of Jesus. Communities are encouraged to choose at least one time per month to serve the neighborhood. This can be done in a multitude of ways from cleaning up rubbish, to helping at the local food bank or sharing the Gospel on the streets. The desire here is to lovingly serve our neighborhoods so that they can see Christ.

      For any questions about Missional Communities, or if you’re interested in joining one, feel free to contact Jon at: jonathan.dinovo@wec-int.org

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