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ICF-Noord’s Dutch Language Café takes the form of a nine-week course held twice a year. It is an accessible and relaxed way to become familiar with speaking the Dutch language. Besides that, it’s a great place to connect with people from all over the world! We learn more about each other’s cultures and on the last evening of the course we taste a lot of different delicious dishes from around the world.

We start every lesson off with a welcome and a brief introduction to the theme, before splitting into small groups. The groups are split based on Dutch proficiency. That means that there is no required level of Dutch to participate in the Language Café. However, in our experience, the course is more relevant to people who are beginners or intermediate. It is also possible to retake the course and go up a level.

Some practical information:

What: A nine-week Dutch language course, focused on conversational lessons. Two examples of the themes that we will discuss are ‘introducing yourself’ and ‘going to the supermarket’.

Who: This course is suitable for everybody who wants to start practicing or improve their spoken Dutch in day-to-day settings. It is important that participants can speak either English or Dutch to be able to communicate with the volunteers.

When: The course runs twice a year, in February and September. It will be nine consecutive Thursday evenings – unless there’s a national holiday.

What time: From 19:30 until 21:00 (you’re welcome from 19:15).

Costs: €20 for ten lessons. However, we don’t want the costs to be a problem, so please reach out if you’d like to discuss this matter.

If you want to participate, or if you know someone who’d like to participate, please contact Dutch Language Café leader, Luca, via +31631759755 or

If you want to participate as a volunteer, please also reach out to Luca via the above email address.

Note: this is not a certified course nor a professional school. People who need to quickly master the language for their studies or work will benefit more from an official course.

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