Young Adults

Our vision is to create a group where the young people in the church can connect outside of our usual Sunday services. Although it is wonderful to come together on Sundays, we have found that gathering outside of the church creates an even greater sense of community and connection among the young adults.

It has been amazing to see people who met at the group seek each other out to catch-up after church on Sunday. While we highlight connection with each other, we also want the group to be a place where we grow closer to the Lord as a unified body - a community that strengthens, encourages and lifts each other up.

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We meet once every month on a  Friday evening, starting at 7:30pm. What we do varies greatly. In the past this has included bowling, spending time in prayer, a dumpling workshop, and evangelism. We try to incorporate a healthy balance between “connecting with each other” and “connecting with the Lord.”

The age group is 18+ until you still feel like a Young Adult. Gatherings are often in English, but all kinds of people come from all over the world, so it is not uncommon to hear 3-4 languages in an evening. No matter your background, you are more than welcome. If you would like more information, you can reach out to

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