Meet Fred and Henny Kappinga 

Let us introduce you to Fred and Henny Kappinga. Fred serves as the pastor, and he is happily married to Henny, who also serves as a valued member of the leadership team.

Since its establishment in 2019, Fred and Henny, together with a diverse leadership team, have been guiding ICF-Noord with a vision that embraces the richness of our community.

Fred studied theology in Ede and Kampen. Before embracing his role as a pastor, Fred spent 20 years in the business world. Additionally, he dedicated nine years as a neighborhood pastor in Rotterdam Crooswijk. Henny, on the other hand, contributes her expertise as an ambulant family counselor at the Leger des Heils in Rotterdam Noord, further enhancing the compassionate and caring ethos of ICF-Noord.

Living on the Zaagmolenstraat, in the heart of Rotterdam's Oude Noorden, Fred and Henny are truly immersed in the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere. Their family is completed by their two grown-up children, Luca (with her fiancé Hermen) and Max.

Within ICF-Noord we seek to serve one another and share the gifts God has given us. To support Fred and Henny, we have a series of Task Leaders who are responsible for looking after different areas of our ministry from worship to children’s work.

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