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Welcome Home

ICF Rotterdam-Noord is a young intercultural church near the centre of Rotterdam. Every Sunday we come together; we sing, pray, read from the Bible and share our food. You are welcome, whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever you believe.

ICF-Noord is a church “of all nations, for all nations”. We are happy if it is just as colourful in our church as it is in the Rotterdam city centre on a busy Saturday afternoon. With so much diversity in our church, there is one that unites us: Jesus Christ.

ICF-Noord is not only a church on Sundays. We like to eat together at home or in the park, we meet in ICF Groups, help each other where we can and try to make a positive contribution to the city.

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Everyone is welcome at the meetings and activities of ICF Rotterdam-Noord. To be hospitable to everyone, it is important that there are people who are more committed to the community. For those people there is the possibility to become a member. If you want to become a member, you can indicate this to one of the members of the leadership team.

Leadership Team

Fred and Henny Kappinga

Fred and Henny live with their children Luca and Max on the Zaagmolenstraat in the Oude Noorden. Fred is the pastor of ICF Rotterdam Noord. Prior to this, he was a pastor in Rotterdam Crooswijk for nine years. In addition to his work for ICF, Fred is coördinator of the Rotterdam Dorst diaconal platform. Henny has also been involved in the leadership team from the start of ICF. Henny is trained in Social Work and works for the Salvation Army.


Thabiso Ditsele

Thabiso Ditsele is, together with Fred, one of the regular speakers in the services of ICF-Noord. Thabiso was born in South Africa. He is married to Eline and they have three children: David, Daniël and Joy. Thabiso studied Theology both in South Africa and America and he pastored a church in South Africa for 14 years.


Darlene Lai

Darlene Lai has been actively involved with ICF Rotterdam Noord from the start. She has been a member of the leadership team since the end of 2020. Darlene often has the role of hostess at Sunday meetings. She lives in the Oude Noorden with her daughters Pautje and Pearly-Anne.

TianWei Wang

TianWei Wang is the son of a Chinese evangelist couple. Like his parents, he has a great desire to share the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ. TianWei lives in the Provenierswijk and is committed to this neighborhood from a residential community.