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Diapers for Lesbos

As a church, we’re participating in the fundraiser Diapers for Lesbos (organised by Christian Refugee Relief - CRR). The refugee camps in Greece are dealing with a great shortage in diapers (mainly size 4, 5 and 6), baby wipes, sanitary pads and adult diapers. Please help us collect as many of these items as possible.

 You can drop them off at the Feisserkapel (Proveniersstraat 52b, Rotterdam). Final date: 26th of November 2023. Make sure all donated packages are sealed/closed. CRR doesn’t accept open packages or single diapers.

 If you prefer to donate money to CRR instead, simply follow this link: https://tikkie.me/pay/CRR/nw51JYrPkh7tYpowK9HeqA.

The organisation will buy diapers from the money you donate. You can find more information through this link: https://luiersvoorlesbos.nl/.

 Questions? Ask Elise Boyle or Luca Kappinga in church or send an email to lucakappinga@gmail.com.

Luiers voor Lesbos u

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