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ICF Noord is turning five years old this year! Throughout these five years, our church has been blessed to undergo a significant amount of growth. With the growth of our church also comes increased demands on our current leadership team. A group of task leaders was created in 2022 to help the leadership team with these needs but a desire for a well-defined framework of leadership remains.
For this reason, we have resolved to create a Leadership Project Group that will define ICF’s theology and structure of leadership. In doing so, the aim is to provide our church with a strong foundation to understand what it means to be a leader at ICF and to provide a reference point for the appointment of future leaders.

We’re eager to get to work on the Project Group- but first we need a team! We’re looking for the right people to join so consider this an open call! 

If you are interested in joining or have any questions then please contact Jon at +31 6 42556751 or jonathan.dinovo@wec-int.org for more details.

Please be in prayer for our church as we take this next step in our history and praise God for the growth we’ve been able to experience at ICF Noord! 

(Note: this is NOT a call for new leaders at ICF but, instead, for participants who will help in the creation of ICF’s “theology of leadership”.)

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