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Crèche volunteers

At ICF-Noord we would like to provide a crèche for children under the age of four, so parents of young children are able to listen to the sermon without having to worry about taking care of their little one. That’s why we are looking for a few volunteers who are willing to take turns to run the crèche during our Sunday services. The crèche will be in the downstairs room in the church building and toys and games will be available, as well as a changing table.

What will be asked of you as a Crèche volunteer?

  • Be willing to run the crèche once a month
  • Be happy to see what the children need during the service (i.e. fun activities or rest)
  • Sign up to our ‘safe church’ agreement to ensure we protect our children
  • Be willing to let the parents know how it all went when they come to pick up their child.


If you would like to find out more about volunteering for this role please contact either Children’s ministry leader, Charlotte on: +31 6 16227222 or Pastor Fred on: +31 6 21212726

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