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Children’s ministry volunteer

At ICF-Noord we believe it is important to raise children with the Word of God, which is why each Sunday we aim to provide children’s ministry. To keep this vital area of ministry going, we are urgently in need of more children’s ministry volunteers.

Each Sunday we provide children from the ages of four to twelve with their own service to learn more about the Bible and God. To do this we use a curriculum which is specifically designed for Sunday school. Each month has a theme and every week we discuss  a subtheme. Each session from the programme includes a Bible story and activity, which is usually run by one adult (leader) and one teenager (helper), at least one of whom is a Dutch speaker. Alongside this, we have a team lead who is responsible for overall coordination of the children’s ministry.

Today we are on the search for volunteers to fill the role of leader to ensure we can continue to faithfully serve the children within our church. 

What will be asked of you as a volunteer children’s ministry leader?

  • Be willing to run one session of children’s ministry a month, alongside a helper
  • Be willing to take time and effort to prepare a session (it’ll probably take you around 2-3 hours and we provide a guide to help with this)
  • Be happy to share ideas to help improve the children’s ministry
  • Sign up to our ‘safe church’ agreement to ensure we protect our children
  • Take the lead for our special services and organise the activities.

Layout of a children’s ministry session:

  • Meet & greet
  • Opening prayer
  • Bible reading
  • Craft/activity


If you would like to find out more about volunteering for this role, please contact either Children’s Ministry Team Lead, Charlotte on: +31 6 16227222 or Pastor Fred on: +31 6 21212726

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